Baconfat (thebaconfat) wrote,
Due to a combination of having spent a few months jobless and then getting a job that pays a lot less than I'd hoped, I've been kinda stressed about money lately. I've been dealing by snatching up all the hours I can get at work and by reading books on personal finance. Those few months spooked me and got me thinking about saving up an emergency fund, and the books I've been reading have helped me come up with a saving plan that's calmed my fears a bit. I really can't recommend Ramit Sethi's I Will Teach You To Be Rich enough. Unlike just about every other finance book out there, instead of preaching at you about budgeting and "exploring your relationship with money" (*gag*), it tells you straight out what to do to take control of your money and your credit, deal with your debt, and set up automatic savings so you don't have to, well... count on yourself to be responsible with your money. Plus, it's nice to read a book that's actually aimed at people my age and applicable to people who aren't making $50,000 a year (hahaha. ha.).

I ♥ my local interlibrary loan program.

I'm still trying to come up with some ways to make some extra money on the side, though. Donating plasma would definitely be an option, but since I work at the only plasma center around, I'm not allowed! (If you're interested in it, though, feel free to ask me about it! It's actually a pretty great way to pick up some cash if you've got the time for it, and plus, it's a nice thing to do.)

I gave mystery shopping a try, but the shops I can find around here are few and far between, and only pay about five dollars, for what adds up to about three to four hours' work between doing the shop (to super-exact specifications, because otherwise you don't get paid or reimbursed) and reporting it.

I've got a plan I'm mulling over to hire myself out as a research assistant for the students around here.

How about you guys? Any tips for making money on the side?
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